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20x24 Mission

"Our mission is to save this incredible camera and 20x24 film production, and to preserve it for generations to come, creating something new and wonderful. Edwin Land, the creator of this camera, once said: “The aesthetic goal of the new camera is to provide those who have an artistic interest in the world around them with a new means of expression.” We are deeply convinced of that, we stay committed to that and we understand that as a challenge and a task. But, in order to continue what Land has begun, we need support..."

Markus Mahla





In 2018, together with our friend, Florian "Doc" Kaps, we, Markus Mahla and Oliver Blohm, began a mission that started many years earlier. Doc, who is also known as the "Saviour of the Polaroid", met Markus years before in Cologne. Markus was still Manager at Polaroid at the time, but already from their first meeting, it was clear that the partnership would go on to great things. Markus worked during his studies with Jan Hnizdo in the 20x24 studio. Years later he became partner of Florian’s Venetian Palace in Vienna, the "SUPERSENSE - Concept Store and Analogue Laboratory". Both met later the photographer and artist Oliver Blohm. With the unique opportunity to bring the 20x24 camera from Prague to Berlin, this new story began ...






The Pod Machine


The 20x24 instant image material is Polaroid separation film made in a small manufacturing facility near Boston.

The components for the production of the developer chemistry - the important emulsion which pressed between positive and negative - give life to this gigantic Polaroid image and are an essential part of the magic of the artform, but are finite.

We are looking for fellow campaigners and supporters to accompany and support us, so this film - and therefore this wonderful and unique form of photography - does not die.

A team of professionals has been assembled: chemists, engineers and photographers from the USA, Holland, Germany, Austria and beyond, who have the unique opportunity and talents to put together not only to preserve the manufacture, but also to ensure that future generations can enjoy it too.




Creating ARt

EIER_X_AALE © Oliver Blohm

EIER_X_AALE © Oliver Blohm


We rescued the 20x24 Land Camera from an auction, gave it a new home in Berlin and breathed new life into it.

Now, we have to work together to ensure that this is preserved and permanently made available to artists - both established and young. That has always been the real purpose of this camera.

Edwin Land said: "The aesthetic goal of the new camera is to provide those who have an artistic interest in the world around them with a new means of expression." We are committed to this statement.

We now want to move forward with different projects - from very traditional, with camera and film, but also with the help of the D2A converter as an interface between analog and digital.

Objective: To establish a 20x24 Gallery and thus continue what began under Edwin Land and should not die with the end of the International Polaroid Collection.




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